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The énergie Group is a UK based fitness franchise company launched in 2003. The business operates two health club brands: énergie Fitness Clubs, and énergie Fitness for Women.

Shannen a long time customer shares her disappointing experience on tripadvisor.com, "Terrible service at Energie on multiple occasions. Payments were paused since March and was not even notified when the gym opened in August - just saw payment taken from my account. Called and emailed multiple times to cancel my membership as I was not comfortable going to the gym with COVID still present and no answer. When they did finally reply, they argued that they would charge me again in September. Hope that 23pounds was worth losing a long-standing customer for."


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Sales Manager Energie Fitness Chelmsford (Former Employee) says

"The regional management was shocking and totally unprofessional. Hired a load of young girls based on appearance."

Fitness Instructor/forced sales person (Former Employee) says

"Should you happen to be offered a job by EF, reject immediately. The franchise does not care about staff or customers. Franchises aren’t carefully screened and are given to incompetent people. This can be seen in previous reviews and is known publicly. Careful market research is not carried out on location choices and for that reason clubs struggle. Huge pressure is put on managers and fitness team to sell, often with dubious and morally wrong techniques. Cons: Working long shifts alone, no training, unrealistic demands and constant lies from head office, more pressure to sell rather than be fitness instructor, the list goes on..."

Personal Trainer (Former Employee) says

"Management was not good, and affected the whole company. the gym itself was small, however was new. The area the gym was in was not good to make money. They lack in organisation aswell, you could walk in and be told you have to teach a class in 2 minutes, this happened often and manager would only email for resolving issues."

General Manager (Former Employee) says

"Having been sold the dream that I'd be invested in and looked after it quickly become apparent that this wasnt going to be the case. The franchisie was unprofessional, unpredictable, sneaky and dishonest. Holding money back from various members of staff just because he wanted to save money and hoping they wouldnt fight for it. Holding back 2 weeks of my pay because he said I have to work in lieu. Swore and talked to members of staff like absolute rubbish, would refer to staff as thickos and dumb. Despite my concerns being raised these were never taken seriously. He wanted to whole team to work like robots and I quote "I pay them to work not to talk" joke of a franchise. I am still owed money and this has gone on for months now. The company and HQ its self are good and can only do what they can do. Only criticism I'd have is that they need to vet and qualify who they give the franchise too more. Cons: Long hours, treated like rubbish, talked too like rubbish, not being paid correctly"

Membership Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Poor management throughout the team and little room for development, staff treated poorly and often required to do lots more that what was required on the job specification which is good for personal development but when workers are often exploited and underpaid not so good."

Sales Position - Energie Fitness (Former Employee) says

"Energie fitness is a terrible company to work for, the managment and higher levels do not care at all about their staff. Only profits. I was forced to work in freezing conditions with no uniform as they did not want to pay for it, i had to wear my coat inside the gym. I was never once paid on time, false promises and lies were a common theme from head office. And they would still do their best to pressure you into sales. Horrible. Horrible. Horrible."

Fitness Instructor (Former Employee) says

"Management! No words they are horrendous, hours to work again terrible they just take and give hours as they please, not managed great at all! Left to run the gym and take class at the same time alone. No breaks as your on your own most of the time."

Gérante (Current Employee) says

"Une energie interne d'encadrer les sportifs pour apprécier les discipline sportifs et aussi suivre un style de vie sain pour gagner leur vie et prévenir les risques des maladies chroniques ."

Personal Trainer (Former Employee) says

"You would think from a new and upcoming chain of gym with such great potential they would put more into what they do. All they seem interested in is how much money they can make selling as many franchises as they can! Cons: No uniform provided, unorganised, no support, high staff turnover"

Fitness team/ receptionist (Former Employee) says

"Avoid at all cost, terrible place to work for, training is non existent, managers just throw you in on day 1 and expect you to have learned everything and if you dont they fire you, to much for minamin wage, would be better working for mcdonalds."

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Joke of a place made do all the work for min wage and treated like rubbish for good measure and after giving them 5ys of your life they literally shut the doors research energie parkwest if you don't believe me Cons: Almost ruined my career"

Work Experience Placement (Former Employee) says

"very under managed and boring work place with certain managers lacking motivation whilst other less "valued" seem to be running the place with a greater energy and motivation doing a better job"

staff (Former Employee) says

"it has potential but woolwich branch is poorly managed Cons: lack of communication"

Apprentice Fitness Instructor (Current Employee) says

"Some branches are bad to work with as they receive no support from the head office. Cons: Short breaks"

Crew Member - Part Time (Former Employee) says

"I learned a lot from my job at the gym. I learned how to sell things to people without pressure and by being a good friend to the customer, understanding that the amount of money they spend isn't what is important, it is making sure that product is what they need and why. Cons: unmanaged"

Operational Manager (Former Employee) says

"Enjoyable working environment But no job guarantee in this company. staff was good . i learned how to work in such a politics & pressure . No team work"

Training Administrator (Former Employee) says

"I learnt a lot whilst working for energie. I was able to experience how the running of gyms operate and how franchise businesses are sold and run."

Assistant manager (Current Employee) says

"A typical day at work consists of, opening the building, health and safety procedures, planning sales plans, group sales targets, individual sales targets, planning outreach, taking tours, inductions, personal training, coaching group exercise classes, selling memberships and fitness packages, doing daily sales reports, staff rotas, holiday forms etc. Cons: not enough hours, manager has never worked in a gym or leisure, hard to get management to look at new ideas to help the club"

Sales Advisor (Former Employee) says

"whilst working at energie fitness i realised that you are always productive with having tasks needed to be complete at all times. However, the management were supportive and relaxed, allowing you to feel far more comfortable in your working environment. however, if yo did not achieve your sale targets or accede them, you did undergo discipline."

Casual Lifestyle Consultant (Former Employee) says

"a great start out business. unfortunately no longer in business due to the recession. met some great people and this job helped me to gain skills for my career. Cons: out of business"

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